Monday, 15 April 2013

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 Country origin : Mexico

The North American Fast Food taco chain version bears only a passing resemblance to the genuine Mexican taco ( the word mean 'plug' ). There, a soft corn tortilla is the base or holder for any one of a huge variety of meaty filling. Tacos in the US have crisp shells, which have been deep fried to form rigid container for the filling. There is some historical precedence for this version of the taco among the people who once inhabited Mexican California, but the taco in Mexico is definitely the soft and pliable type.
Roadside taco stand ( taquerias) in Mexico do a roaring trade, and the filling are more likely to be various part of cow head, including the brain , thin sliced pork steak, pig tripe (stomach lining), or the Mexican version of chorizo. Accompaniment are guacamole, whole salted red turnip, and sliced cucumber.
California or Texas innovations include the breakfast taco - containing sausage, bacon, and fried egg.

From Terry Durack 1001 Foods


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