Tuesday, 16 April 2013

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It would be hard to imagine starting a japanese meal without miso soup. This light , simple sout takes the edge off while stimulating the appetite for the dishes to come.

Two basic component of miso soup are dashi and miso. Dashi is the all purpose broth made by boiling kombu ( kelp) and katsuobushi ( smoked dried tuna ) in water. Miso is salty fermented paste of soybeans plus rice or barley that is aged any where.

From three months to three years . It varies in colour from white to dark brown, though the lighter varieties are more commonly used for soup. Packed with protein and vitamins , miso seasons the dashi and impart a sweet fruity flavour. It also gives the soup a hit of umami, what japanese call the fifth savoury taste.

Garnishes reflect the seasons and are chosen to balance colour, texture and flavour. One combination might include cube of silky tofu, toothsome wakame (seaweed). and few sliver of shitake mushroom.

Traditionally served in lacquered bowls, the cloudy broth is sipped straight from the dish and the solids are eaten with chopsticks. Not only is miso soup tasty beginning, it is a breakfast staple eaten with rice.
 From Terry Durack 1001 Food


Hitachio Miso          300gr
Water                       300 ML
Katsuobushi             1 handfull
Dark Shoyu              Little
Sake                         Little
Konbu                     2 Pcs

Put the water and hitachio miso and stirring well until dissolved, and put everything , ket it boil and strain it well. ready to served . Dont forget to put some tofu, wakame and thin slice of fresh spring onion.

Happy Cooking

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