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A big, round half-fat hard cheese
made from cow's milk in a cylindrical,
slightly convex form. Weight: 48-85 lbs.
The rind has an oily sheen and is dark
or of a natural golden yellow in color.
The name Grana Padano
is stamped onto the rind - a quality
seal placed after inspection by experts.
The cheese has a hard, flaky granular texture
that ranges from white to straw-yellow
in color and has tiny "eyes" in which a
"tear" (of whey) still retains the moisture.
Fat content: Minimum 32%
Production period: All year.
Ripening: The slow, natural drying and
ripening process in modern warehouses may
last up to a maximum of 24 and a minimum
of 6 months.

Taste: fresco = young: soft and
delicate; vecchio = aged: sweetly
Production areas: In the Po Valley,
in parts of Piemonte, Lombardia,
Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.
Use: Essential in Italian cuisine. It is
freshly grated and sprinkled upon pasta
dishes, risotto, polenta and minestrone and
is used as a topping on meat and vegetable
dishes. A popular table-cheese as well,
Grana Padano is divided into portions or
little pieces with a special almond-shaped

From . The Cheeses
by Rotraud Michael-Degner
Published by the Italian Institute
of Foreign Trade, I.C.E.
under the patronage of the
Italian Ministry of Agriculture


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