Wednesday, 1 May 2013

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Have you ever experience there is almost nothing left in your fridge except, Thai jasmine Rice, egg, onion, and Spanish Tuna chunk can in oil ,

Lets have a try with this one, Spanish Tuna , Chilli Fried Rice with sweet soya sauce

Here the Recipe:

- Thai Jasmine Rice                          180   gr
- Onion / Shallot                                  50  gr
- Small red chilli                                  30 gr                            
- Salad oil                                            70  ML ( the caracteristic of this fried rice should a bit oily )
- Spanish Tuna Chunk                         80  gr
- Sweet Soy Sauce                               10  ML

Simply drop off the oil to the pan, let it hot and start it with chopped onion, thin slice small red chilli ( this spicy of chilli is more intense than a big one ), and tuna chunk. Let it toss until medium ( not over cook it ), drizzle some salt, n put the cold Thai Jasmine rice ( it is necessarily to use cold rice because it will make seperate and nice fried rice, not the sticky one ). Stir it gently the rice and all ingredient until well mixed, drizzle sweet soya sc , make sure the colour just a bit brown. and walllaaaaaaaaa............. ready to serve.

only 15 minutes to prepared if you have already made the Thai Jasmine rice.
Happy Cooking



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