Friday, 17 May 2013

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This lovely salad is really mouthwatering , spicy, a bit sour and succulent ,really nice combination for your special occasion.

Am get it from my Collegue Chef in my work place .  Thanks for this healty and appetizing Salad.


Papaya                                       500 gr
Carrot                                        200 gr
Cucumber                                 100 gr
Spring Onion                              50 gr
Red Onion                                  50 gr
Capsicum Three Colour             50 gr each
Cut all Julliene ( very thinly slice ).

Sambal Oelek                             100 gr
White Vinegar                              20 ml
Fish Sauce                                    10 ml
Garlic                                           10 gr
Onion                                           25 gr
Lemongrass                                   5 gr
lime leave galangal                       5 cm
lime juice                                     10 ml
oyster sauce                                 10 ml
tom yam paste                             10 gr
Jaggery Sugar                              10 gr

Blend it and mix it well together , seasoning as your preferance and put in the bottle for later use.

Happy Cooking



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