Friday, 10 May 2013

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Thank you so much for my mom , this is the classic home cooking style . Am always remember the taste , is so yummy.

here is the recipe
Chicken Whole 1500 gr ( cut into 10 Pcs )
Onion                                                100 gr
Ginger                                                 25 gr
Garlic                                                  50 gr
Turmeric                                              25gr
Red Chilli                                            50gr
Coriander Seeds                                   10gr

Galangal                                               peeled 20 gr
Lemon Grass                                                    20 gr
Coconut Milk                                                 100 ml
Jaggery Sugar  ( much better that brown sugar )    50 gr
Tamarind Juice                                                        25 gr
Potato                                                                      50 gr

- First saute the coriander seed until the flavour comes out, blended the onion, gingerm garlic, turmeric, red chilli. Put set A side.
- Saute all the mixture paste until cook , add the coriander seeds, galangal and lemon grass, let it cook for a while . And the put the Chicken.  Stew it until nearly half cook, and put the coconut milk.
- Mix the jaggery sugar and tamarind juice, after that put into the chicken let it cooked properly , seasoning. Cut The potato into wedges and marinate it with salt , papper , some herbs and deep fry for 5 miniutes
- Prepare grill or Pan Grill . and grill the chicken , basting with the sauce set a side .
- Sauted potato and deglaze it with sauce ... set arrange in the plate and put the chicken on the top of it.
- Garnish it with Thinly and cruncy red chilli, spring onion and coriander.

Happy Cooking



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