Friday, 13 September 2013

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Pizzino (24 miles north of Bergamo)
to Fraggio (light blue line)
It shouldn't come as a surprise that I consider this to be more of a stroll because all it involves is less than 30 minutes of putting one foot in front of the other. The trail begins from Agriturismo Il Pavone in Pizzino that continues on a dirt path passing their farm, and the point of interest here is an ancient (15th century?) church - Chiesetta San Lorenzo - which sits amidst rural surroundings. So rural, in fact, and so quiet, that after I took the image below and walked around the church, I returned to see a cow in the exact same spot where I had been only minutes before. Apparently the beasts come and go as they please.

Chiesetta San Lorenzo
Italian cows are happy cows...

Getting to Pizzino is a natural wonder in itself since the road through Val Taleggio follows along a deep gorge that has no shortage of splashing, flowing, cascading water during spring. There is one "the Rock fountain" in particular that sits on the side of the road as a sort of ambassador to the valley. Too bad he's not spitting wine. I got the westie to pose but the doxie wasn't having any of it. To find it: here's the gps coordinates [45.88820N 9.60245E].

Cascata in Val Taleggio Right place at the right time Val Taleggio
Fraggio da Maddie and da

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