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type='html'>Pane frattau

As the last entry for Tomato Tuesday, this very short recipe comes from the back of a box of pane carasau. A traditional sardinian flatbread, pane carasau is not something you typically purchase a few sheets at a time and it takes a few weeks for us to use up the contents, down to the final semi-stale rounds. I was somewhat surprised at the simplicity of this dish that I thought it would be a one-time deal and never again. Boy was I wrong! I should've known that with homemade tomato sauce and pecorino cheese, anything can taste great - especially when there's a poached egg sitting on top.

I've read that the word frattau means broken, and in fact, that's what you'll do to the sheets in order to fit them onto a plate (I use one whole circle per serving, breaking it into fourths). Tradition calls for plain tomato sauce but here I've used some leftover meat ragu. It's sort of like making a quickie lasagne when you've got the munchies but not the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner...I've had this at all hours of the day. It's that good!

Pane frattau

Dip pieces of bread in hot salted water (or you can also use meat broth). Coat each layer with tomato sauce and grated pecorino, and top with one poached egg.

Pane carasau

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