Thursday, 12 September 2013

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type='html'>Picnic lunch
Replenishing the carbs: fried teriyaki-ginger chicken wings, pancit (filipino noodles), brownie triangles with visciola (sour cherry) jam, and sweet Duroni cherries from Puglia.

This is what I consider a picnic snack — food portions that weigh light in my backpack but have greater appeal than Pringles, Gatorade and store-bought energy bars. And why the food image first? Because for non-hiking readers, the rest of this post won't make much sense at all so I figured that I'd take care of the essentials first. This loop trail follows in the opposite direction from where we had hiked above Fuipiano Valle Imagna a few days earlier, and to be honest, I felt absolutely cheated when the GPS stats revealed the actual dislivello completed (difference in height from top to bottom). It was about 487 meters...only 1598 feet! It took us a brief three ½ hours total - a piece of cake worth snacking on.

Hiking in Fuipiano

Again, the trail starts at the end of via Milano but upon reaching the 2nd fork, you take a right instead of a left. Trail 579a to Tre Faggi (FAH-jee) immediately leads into shady woods before opening out onto a pasture and watering hole for cows. Soon thereafter is where we ran into a bit of trouble when the red/white marker stones led away from the main road and up into the woods again. It was clear going in until a thick layer of fallen leaves made us lose sight of the path (that would be the red hiker below), forcing us to blindly go along until we heard voices from higher up. It was almost comedic because Maddie must've thought we were on an easter egg hunt or something - yap! yap! yap! - while Mr B was pulling hard at his leash, causing the MotH to lose his balance on the leafy incline. The doxie probably knew where to go but who's to say that he wasn't onto the scent of a fox or rabbit? Fortunately it was only a small section of woods, and upon meeting the above-mentioned hikers who knew the place like the back of their hand, we were pointed in the right direction.

The Tre Faggi or Tri Fò as they are called in bergamasc dialect, are 3 large beech trees that just beg to be part of some sort of ancient legend with the looks of their gnarled branches. From here, the loop trail changes direction and connects to 571, climbing to even greater heights above the treeline. The views at the top are incredible, and there is one tricky spot where the narrow path hugs close to the side of the mountain. Eventually it ends at the statuette of the Madonna dei Canti before finally pointing the way back down to Fuipiano.

Tre Faggi
From Tre Faggi to Madonna dei Canti Where goats dare to tread Mr B digging for truffles?

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